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Home : skin care, study, observation something to hardly see like inside of ear and so on.

Beauty shop : check customer’s skin condition to make correct diagnosis and proper treatment of hair and skin, furthermore this system raises customer¡fls confidence for treatment and easy to manage ustomers records.

Hair / Cosmetic company : Promotions for your products through comparing with competitor’s items on the spot and checking skin condition immediately by visiting customer¡fls home.

School / Academy : Both students and teachers can observe objects, materials and insects on monitor immediately with 32~140 magnification in practice class.

More effective visual education tool.
This product is a multi-functional zoom camera available to various application that is more convenient to use than others with the following excellent features.

- Easy to carry with small size.
- Video mode photographing
- 32~140 magnification(it depends on the distance of objects)
- High resolution with 270K pixels(NTSC) and 310K pixels(PAL) =
- Connectable to the TV, monitor & VCR
- LED function for close photography but not applicable for a long distance
- Observing something like inside of ear that you can¡flt easily look at

HVS-CM700N/P(CMOS Type Connectable to Monitor & TV)
HVS-700N/P(CCD Type Connectable to Monitor & TV)

Beauty & Skin care
Semi-conductor inspection
Education in school
Electronic components inspection

Description HVS-700N HVS-700P
Image Sensor 1/3”CCD, 270K(320K)pisels
Sync. System Internal Synchronization
Shutter Speed 1/60(1/50)~1/100,000 sec
Video Output 1.0Vp-p, 75ohm
S/N Ratio 48dB Min(AGC off)
Min Illumination 0Lux(with LED)
White Balance Automatic
Gamma 0.45
Connector RCA (Video) DC JACK (Adaptor DC 12V,300mA)
Temperature -10°C~50°C
Lens X200, X300, X500, X800

Description HVS-CM700PC
Image Sensor 1/4” CMOS
Device Type Digital CMOS
Frame Rate Up to 30 frames
Interface USB Specifcation 1.1
Signal/Noise Ratio c.56dB
Pixel Resolution 640 x 480(VGA), 320 x 240(QVGA)
Exposure Control Automatic(to+81dB)
Gain Control Automatic(to+24dB)
USB Cable 2m±5cm
Supply Voltage DC 5V±5%(Internally regulated)Through USB
Lens X200, X300, X500, X800